Thank you so much to all that came together to Remember, Bring Hope, and Take Action

RACE FOR HOPE Derriere Dash colorectal cancer 5k race

Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help!

About Us

The Need


  1. The need is great to raise awareness for this cancer.  Everyone can play a part. 

 There is a need for volunteers to help organize the race

There is a need for volunteers race day

There is a need for everyone to  know the symptoms and be aware that colorectal cancer can occur in any age group. 

There is a need for fundraising for research into WHY this is happening in the younger age groups.

There is a need to detect the cancer sooner .

The History


Race For Hope was founded in 2004 when Carleen Taylor made a promise to her dear friend Peggy that she would help her raise awareness that colorectal cancer occurs in those under 50 years old.  Peggy passed away at 45 years old 3 weeks before the first race. 

Tragically after so many years of warning others about this cancer Carleen's own 22 year old son Connor was diagnosed in Feburary 2016.  He passed away  at the age of 23 in September 2016.  The Race must go on to save young lives

The Mission


To Raise Awareness about colorectal cancer.

To Educate on the signs and symptoms of the cancer, especially in the under 50 population.

To Remember Lives lost to this cancer.

To bring hope to those in treatment for this cancer.

To take action against colorectal cancer